Building on the learning and your feedback from our two previous Fundraising Forums. 2019 this will be the key opportunity to share our fundraising successes and drive income growth by learning from each other. As a global movement with fundraisers around the world, we have a unique opportunity to come together and share our best practices.

At the same time, we need to stay on top of a fast changing world. We will also identify our challenges, look at new initiatives and be inspired by speakers who will bring different ideas and thinking.

The Forum is set up as a series of sessions, open and plenary with dedicated time for side meetings. This will give you an opportunity to meet face to face and to seek advice from or connect to other members. Please come prepared with your ideas and questions. A full list of delegates will be shared in advance so that all participants can identify who they specifically would like to meet.
The main conference package includes all conference sessions, forum materials, in-room internet access, airport transfers, hotel accommodation for three nights at the venue, lunches and dinner on Wednesday at venue, evening events.
A major credit card will be requested upon check-in at the venue to cover any incidental expenses that you may incur during your stay, such as in-room dining & mini bar, phone calls, use of the business centre for printing/faxing (internet is included in your package), and any additional meals that are not included in the conference package.
1. Pre-register. Fill in the registration form online. You will receive an email immediately confirming your registration.

2. Pay the Forum fee. You will need to make the payment according to the package(s) chosen. You will receive an email within 5 days confirming receipt of your payment.

Note: In case you have not confirmed your travel plans, you can still pre-register. Please remember to fill your travel details later so that your airport transfer is organized. You can re-enter your email ID and the password set to go back to your registration form page at any time to fill in the rest of the details.
To secure your place at the Forum, you should complete all payments by 28th February 2019.
The Forum will take place at Palacio de los Infantes (Convention Centre from Euroforum) at San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid. El Escorial is a municipality in the Madrid Province, located 50mins (60km) away fro Madrid at a altitude of 1000m. El Escorial is a Unesco Site surrounding by the town of San Lorenzo of El Escorial and the mountains.

Palacio de los Infantes
You will be picked up from Madrid Airport upon arrival, there will be shuttles in approximately every hour to El Escorial from terminals T1, T2 and T4.

As soon as we receive all travel information, we will publish final shuttle timings.

After the Forum, all delegates will be taken back to the Airport or to Madrid City Centre if you wish to stay in Madrid for the weekend.
It will start at 9am on Tuesday, 26th of March. Your package includes accommodation on 25th night so it is best to arrive the evening before.
If you are attending the Main Conference you should arrive on the 25th and depart on the 28th, the package includes 3 nights accommodation (25th, 26th and 27th night) If you are attending the meetings before the Main Conference, please check the conference packages to see which day is included in the accommodation.

Kindly make sure to select and pay for all your packages to ensure your correct attendance. If you wish to stay at Infantes but you are not participating in other meetings kindly email She will be able to assist you.
Voltage in Spain is 220 V, similar to almost all European countries. However, in many nations including most part of America, Japan and others, the voltage is different. Therefore, you should be very careful with any electric device you bring to Spain. You may also need a plug adaptor.

Plugs and Electrical sockets (outlets)
In Spain, there are Schuko (Type F) and Europlug (Type C)plugs. Schuko plugs have two round pins of 4,8 mm diameter and some earthing clips in the upper and lower part. In turn, Europlugs are flat, also with two round pins, and normally found in low-power devices.

The United Kingdom, Cyprus, Ireland and Malta use different plug types as do many North and South American and Asian countries.

Adaptors can easily be purchased in Spain at electrical supply or hardware stores. They cost between EUR2 and EUR5.

If coming from America or certain areas from Africa and Asia, it is probable your electric devices are 110 or 120 V, instead of being 230 V. Voltage does not have nothing to do with plug type, even if the plug fit into the socket, if device is not 230 V, it may not work and lead to a breakdown.

A transformer is a device used to increase or diminish voltage of an electric circuit. Transformers are slightly more expensive than plugs adaptors. However, it is essential, as the connection of a device 110 V or 120 V to a Spanish socket can lead to the burning of fuses or cause a breakdown. When choosing a transformer pay attention to the watts as using the wrong wattage can cause electrical malfunctions.

ATMs are easy to find so there is no need to bring a lot of cash with you.
Please refer to the Visa requirements information in this microsite for specific information.
The weather outside, despite the fact that it gets warmer in March, will still be chilly and San Lorenzo de El Escorial is at 1000m of altitude.
Indoors can also be cold as the venue has high ceilings and some of the rooms have glass walls. We recommend you carry a sweater, blazer, cardigan or shawl.
During the day, smart casual dress code is appropriate. Smart/casual dress will also be suitable for the second evening dinner, we will have some time to enjoy some dancing. A jacket/coat may be useful due to cool weather in March, all meals will be served indoors but the building has large ceilings and some delegates could eventually feel a bit cold, this is why we recommend delegates bring a sweater, cardigan or shawl.

Yes, there is complimentary Wi-Fi in the rooms and the conference venue.
Please email if you require a meeting room to be blocked for you. Availability will be on first cum first basis.
One of our goals for the conference is to have lots of opportunities for you to meet with your fellow fundraisers from around the world in coffee/lunch breaks and at evening activities. We have also reserved a dedicated slot of time each day for "One to One meetings" before dinner. A full list of delegates will be available online to work out who you would like to meet.