26-28 MARCH

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2019 is a pivotal year for Save the Children. We will be looking back on 100 years of work with children all around the world.

Our Centenary affors us an opportunity to tell our story, but turning 100 is not the story itself. The story at the heart of our Centenary is the ambition we have to change the world for children and the offer we make to everyone to play their own unique and meaningful part in this cause.

This three-day Forum will bring together more than 150 participants from over 30 countries, representing Private Fundraising, Marketing, Content, Digital and Brand teams from across Save the Children. The Forum will foster an open dialogue and provide a great opportunity to network and share different perspectives across international teams. The Forum will inspire and unleash the best fundraising plans and practices to make sure that children survive, get protection when they are in danger and have the chance to learn.

This years theme is Supporters at the heart. This Centenary year we will be honouring 100 years of supporters making our life changing work possible and we will look forward with them, engaging them more often, more deeply and in more ways. We will focus on how we can develop better supporter relationships by creating better and new ways of working through inspiring brand narratives, engaging content and superb supporter experiences and journeys through digital.
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